Premiere Vision Paris

Some impressions of the Premiere Vision 12.-14.02.13 in Paris for S/S 2014.               (Photos © Première Vision SA / François Durand, Stéphane Kossmann, Kristy Sparow)



Thousands of people and even more textiles, textiles, textiles!


Twiddling with the fabrics and exactly looking: “How did they do that??”







Visual Overdose after that day!


Have a look: trend colours for spring/ summer ´14


Graphical spaces

Jeongmoon Choi – a Berlin-based korean artist – creates amazing three-dimensional installations that are made of geometrically arranged, colored threads, illuminated by UV light. A cool play between art and architecture!
Much more of her projects here:





Pics from Julien_THEfunkyman/ Flickr

Poetic worlds

Ernesto Neto creates with elastic fabrics, such as nylon, spandex or tulle, expansive and wondrous biomorphic structures. The soft organic forms are spanned by a ballast of the ceiling down and make little bizarre, but quite cozy rooms and caves. As ballast Neto likes to use amongst others also spices (which give off their fragrance throughout the exhibition). His work is definitely for art, which wants to be experienced.

Netos next exhibition – “notes, stones and dots’ will be soon on display in Berlin,
Gallery Max Hetzler, February 23 – April 13, 2013.








All pics by angs school/ flickr.

Out of India

One of my favorite designers is definitely Vera Wang. She is very famous for her bridal gowns, but  l’m actually more interested in their Ready-To-Wear collections.
I love her combination of contemporary design with traditional details. So also her latest spring collection, which is inspired by the variety and opulence of India.
There are heavily embroidered jackets and vests, dresses and skirts, which are covered with ornamental pattern, appliqué and laces, and dazzling colors from brilliant blue to  emerald green and gold. Everything very extravagant, very nice. Have a look!

Master of Couture

The great Valentino speaks about his work and the exhibition in the Somerset House, which currently shows more than 100 of his exquisite haute couture designs. (Including some good detail shots of his designs.) The exhibition runs until the 03 March. And by the way, the Somerset House also shows at the moment an exhibition about Tim Walker, the very visually impressive and influential fashion photographer. So, more good reasons to go to London….

From Russia with Love

Have a look at the collections from the young austrian designer Lena Hoschek:
Russian Folklore meets Punk! Very contrasty, very interesting, very feminine!

I loved also her collection for spring 2013, which was inspired by mexican lifestyle! Millefleurs-pattern and mexican prints, floral embroideries and a lot of colors! Of course, in clear analogy to Frida Kahlo.