From Russia with Love

Have a look at the collections from the young austrian designer Lena Hoschek:
Russian Folklore meets Punk! Very contrasty, very interesting, very feminine!

I loved also her collection for spring 2013, which was inspired by mexican lifestyle! Millefleurs-pattern and mexican prints, floral embroideries and a lot of colors! Of course, in clear analogy to Frida Kahlo.


One thought on “From Russia with Love

  1. I didn’t like Russian part..:) Even though most of the dresses are elegant, the forms are very basic and colours are (in majority of cases) quite standard. I very much dislike stockings and trousers with holes combined with classic looks. Also, the use of Pavloposadsky shawl is quite ordinary… every second woman in Russia wears it at the moment.. and in majority of cases the way the designer suggested – on the neck with all 3 ends in front. Personally I have 4 of them..:)
    I don’t think this work worth to be named a “designer work” – too simple and ordinary for me.
    I liked the second part much better. I liked the colours and patterns, although the forms are still quite simple.

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