Reiko Sudo and Nuno

Today here is one Reiko Sudo textiles video from last year from Kaunas Biennial. A remarkable Tokyo-based design and production studio led by artistic director and co-founder Reiko Sudo. Nuno (meaning “fabric” in Japanese) integrates traditional techniques and aesthetics with contemporary technologies and materials to create some of the most innovative weaving in the world. They using everything from stainless steel and milk protein to bamboo and bird feathers, as well as unorthodox finishing methods like burning and chemical melting. The six groups of Nuno textiles shown evoke six different Japanese onomatopoeia—boro boro (raggedy), fuwa fuwa (fluffy), kira kira (shiny), shimi jimi (poignant), suké suké (sheer), and zawa zawa (rustling).


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