Trend Colours AW 13/14

There is the autumn. There is our Blog. There are the trend colours. Tada.

At the beginning of September the Munich Fabric Start presented the large trends for AW 13/14. For all, who did not manage it on the Fair, there is a first summary, which color topics will make it next winter into the stores.

The industrious fair trend team compiled five color topics.
(The keywords are from the trendteam, the pics of the bunch of colours from us).

Der Herbst ist da. Unser Blog ist da. Die Trendfarben für AW 13/14 sind da. Tada.

Auf der Munich Fabric Start wurden Anfang September die großen Trends präsentiert. Für alle, die es nicht mehr auf die Fabric Start geschafft haben, gibt es hier eine erste Zusammenfassung, welche (Farb-) Themen es 13/14 in die Läden schaffen.

Aura of Paranoia
Neon Middle Age – Strict meets Feminin – Human Insects – Sculpted – Catwoman – Sacral Fetish – High Tech Glam – Epoch Clash

Calculated Freakmix                                                                                                             Full of All – Multi Zig Zag – Graphic Mix – Totem Pattern – Archaic Gold – Modern Babuschka – Multi Flowers – Mixed Folklore – Faded Checks

                              Discover.Re (Denim, Casual & Sportswear)                                                                  Dark Blue, Dark Green – Lasered Motives – Glamour – Carrot Volume – High Faded – Mirror Finishing – Woven Pattern Inside – Tailored Details

Retrofitted Future                                                                                                           Retro, Future und Cool Design – Pastellic Harmonies – Poppy –  Lana Del Rey – Faded Neon Pink – Cool Colours

Came, Saw, Conquered                                                                                                      All Rich – Casual Nobility  – Wild Animals – Imperial Style – Cosy Decadence – Ironic Decorated – Necklace Overload – Art Deco Renderings


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